All Vehicle Parts | Tips To Keep Your Car In Top Condition This Summer
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Tips To Keep Your Car In Top Condition This Summer

Tips To Keep Your Car In Top Condition This Summer

With the MetOffice reporting a heatwave on the horizon, and thousands of us heading on our holidays, now’s the perfect chance to make sure your car is ready for it.

We’re here to help you! Here’s our top 5 things to make sure are in top condition before you set off.

1) Air Con

You’ve decided on a last minute trip down south, and surprise surprise, there’s an accident on the motorway that’s causing lengthy queues. The last thing you want is to be stuck in a stuffy car, with your car struggling with aircon. Make sure your aircon is re-gassed and keep cool.

2) Tyres

If your tyres are not set to the right pressure, there’s a higher chance that they’ll blowout with the higher temperatures, as well as being more susceptible to punctures. Check your pressures, and keep an eye out for slow punctures.

3) Wipers

With the lower levels of rainfall, you’ll have to rely on your windscreen wash and wipers more to get rid of dirt, dust and even dead insects. Faulty wipers can leave smear marks over the screen, obscuring the view, especially with the lower sun later in the day. Replace faulty wipers to make sure screen is always at its best.

4) Coolants

This one goes without saying. Hotter temperatures means that your car will be working harder to keep cool, and if the coolants are not topped up, there’s a chance your car wont be able to cope. If yours isnt at the right level, talk to your local garage.

5) Batteries

Car batteries will drain faster in the summer months, and if not sealed properly, can cause issues. Many garages offer a free battery test and having it checked in advance could save you hours broken down on the verge.

No matter your needs, contact your nearest branch. Need parts? We’ve got ’em